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Bingo Clash Strategies to Win More Often


Tired of playing bingo without seeing any wins? Let’s change things- mobile bingo is a skill-based game after all. So, let’s build up those bingo skills so you can see more wins than ever before.

We’re going to be covering all of the best practices for Bingo Clash, continue reading to start racking up the wins.

What is Bingo Clash?

If you aren’t already a part of the Bingo Clash fam, you’re going to want to be. Let’s start with a little bit of background information on the app to get you going on the right track.

Bingo Clash is one of the most popular skill-based bingo games on the app store. Available on all iOS, Android, and Samsung devices Bingo Clash has amazed thousands of users who are competing for extra cash every day.

At the time of writing Bingo Clash has amassed a 4.4 out of 5-star rating with over 82 thousand reviews on the Apple Appstore and is currently ranked as the second most popular cash prize game. The reviews are just as glowing on the Samsung Galaxy Store, where Bingo Clash has a 4.5-star rating with over 8 thousand user reviews.

Developed by Avia Games, Bingo Clash offers unlimited free practice rounds in addition to tons of real cash prize tournaments. The app even offers free entry into cash tournaments through the use of gems. To earn gems, all you have to do is play the free practice rounds on the app. Once you save up enough gems, redeem them for free entry into cash tournaments.

How to Play Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash is the blueprint for many other skill-based bingo games, so if you have played a skill-based bingo app before you probably have a good idea of how this game goes down.

The main objective of Bingo Clash is to completely fill your card with bingos. Just like any other game of bingo, you will daub numbers when the bingo caller announces a number that appears on your card. But instead of daubing with a big, inky marker- you’ll daub by tapping your square.

The faster you daub a square after it’s called, the better. Your speed will help you receive power ups- which are key to securing a win. Power ups are advantages that will help you fill your bingo board and score extra points.

You’ll have two minutes to fill your bard, and you’ll earn points for every square you daub and bingo you score. Every competitor in a Bingo Clash tournament will be playing with the same bingo card and bingo numbers, which provides cash participants with an even playing field for every game. Whoever scores the most point will win the game and take home the cash prize.

Bingo Clash Powerups

Knowing how to use every power up in the game is imperative to getting your win. So we’re going to go through all of the best practices for every power up that will come into play while playing Bingo Clash.

G Boosts

G Boosts will send you to a new screen here they present three or four bingo numbers that you can choose as a free space. You won’t be able to look at your card to inform your decision, so it’s best to have an idea of the spaces you need filled at all times.

We recommend that you memorize the four corners of your board within the first few seconds of the game, as these spaces will help you in completing up to seven bingos on your board.

The game won’t always present you with the exact numbers you need, but it’s always best to have an idea of what you’re looking for in case they do.

Pro Tip: Activate a 2x boost before tapping your G Boost to guarantee to guarantee that you’re earning as many points as possible for the power up.

Diamond Boosts

Diamond Boosts are free spaces. When you receive a diamond boost, you’ll tap a square of your choosing as fast as possible. Be sure to make a choice that will aid you in the bingo you are closest to achieving.

2x Boosts

2X Boosts will give you double the points for a set amount of time. It’s best to activate a 2x Boost when you know that you will be scoring some points within the next 15 seconds.

Bingo Clash Tips and Tricks

When it comes to Bingo Clash, the little things matter. Here are the little tweaks we have made in our gameplay to boost our score and see even more wins on Bingo Clash.

Move Quickly

The first essential Bingo Clash tip is to move quickly. You’re going to want to listen to the announcer diligently as you scan your bingo card to daub your numbers as fast as possible. Mere seconds can impact your winning potential when you’re daubing numbers.

After you daub a number, the game will categorize your speed into one of three categories: slow, fast, and excellent. Note that you will only receive points for a daub if it is executed within the three second time frame after the number was called.

A “slow” daub will give you 151 points, a “fast” daub will give you 159 points, and an “excellent” daub will give you 180 points.

It can be difficult to keep track of all of the moving parts of your game of Bingo Clash but daubing efficiently should always be your primary priority.

Avoid Premature Daubs and Bingos

Speed is important but be careful not to jump the gun at any point in your game.

If you tap a square that has not been called or press the bingo button without having earned a bingo, your score will suffer. False daubs will result in 30 points being detracted from your score, and false bingos will distract 120 points from your score.

The game will often call numbers that are close to the ones that appear on your card, but don’t fall for the trap! Stay tuned in to the announcer’s calls, but don’t rush yourself and risk the fumble.

Manage your Power Ups

It might be your instinct to use a power up as soon as you receive it, but this may not always be the best course of action. You can hold onto two power ups at a time, and you won’t earn any more until you have an empty spot for a new one, which is why properly managing your power ups is of key importance.

There is a balance you’ll have to maintain. You’re going to want to make sure you always have space for a new power up without wasting the benefits of your power ups.

This balance mostly comes into play with 2x Boosts. You’re only going to want to active ate a 2x Boost if you are guaranteed to score some points within the time frame. These power ups are best when paired with a G Boost or Diamond Boost, which guarantee extra points.

G Boosts are most impactful at the end of the game, so it’s best to save them for when you have a few stragglers left on your bingo card, if possible.

Managing your powerups is a balancing act and finding a strategy for your boosts is the key to outscoring your competitors. There is no exact right way to do this, you’ll find your strategy within a few practice rounds. 

Save Your Bingos

Resist the urge to hit the bingo button the very moment you score a bingo card. The best Bingo Clash players wait until they have a 2x Boost on deck and multiple bingos to claim.

Waiting until you have multiple bingos before hitting the bingo button is best, and it’s even better with a 2x Boost. We like to wait until the last 15 seconds to hit the bingo button, this ensures you’re getting points for as many bingos as possible.

Things to Remember

Bingo Clash is a free, skill-based bingo game available on iOS, Android, and Samsung devices. The game offers free play and cash tournaments 24/7. No matter what type of Bingo Clash tournament you’re playing, keep these essential tips in mind.

  • Play for speed, but keep your daubs accurate
  • Know your powerups and manage them effectively
  • Save your bingos for the end of the game