Games That Pay Real Money: Free Apps to Win Money


Your phone is a portal to endless possibilities, including the opportunity to win real cash again and again. There are tons of legit cash prize games out there across several game genres for you to choose from.

These games are the cream of the crop in the real money gaming world. Beginners and experts alike can start winning cash today with these simple-yet-exciting mobile games.

Download some instant fun and win some cash prizes no matter what kind of games you’re into. Find a revamped old favorite or try something new, there is truly something for everyone.


You don’t’ have to wait for a cruise ship or a fundraiser to come to town to win your next bingo jackpot. Bingo has been modernized, and now you can play from your phone at any time.

This is the bingo you know, but better. Play with special powerups and boosts that add an extra element of skill to the game.

Here are our favorite real money bingo games.

Bubble Shooter

You can put real cash prizes into your pocket just to pop bubbles on your phone. Aim, shoot, and fire to match color match bubbles and watch them pop.

Bubble shooters are some of the most satisfying real money games out there, and we have found the best of the best. Check out these ultra-relaxing cash prize bubble shooter games.

Card Games

Nearly every classic card game out there has a real money counterpart. From blackjack to solitaire and beyond, these revamped card games will keep entertained.

Have a knack for card games? Give these real money card games a try.


Six sided cubes with endless possibilities. Dice games are a staple for game lovers across the world. If you love board games like Yahtzee, then you should try your hand at a cash prize dice game. We have a few that you should check out today.

Here are our must-have dice games that can help you win some extra cash in minutes.

Rewarded Play

Did you know that there are apps that pay you to play games without any required entry fees?

It’s true- rewarded play games pay users for their time spent playing the game, so you can make some extra cash regardless of whether you win or lose.

Check out these legit rewarded play games.

Shooter Games

Shooter games are some of the most popular games out there. You might be used to playing shooter games on a console, but we’ve found some awesome shooter games that you can keep in your pocket.

Win some cash and test your aim and speed with our favorite mobile shooter games.


Bring the thrills of Vegas straight to your pocket. Don’t worry- these slot games aren’t sketchy, they are totally legit ways win some extra cash and bring some extra excitement to your day.

Try your luck with these legit slots.


Mega-popular games like Madden, FIFA, and NBA 2K have proven that video games and sports go hand in hand. No matter what sport is your favorite to watch and play, you can have a mobile version of it in your pocket.

We’ve some of the best cash prize sports games out there. Here are our favorite real money sports games.


Who doesn’t love a brain teaser? We have got you covered whether you’re into word puzzles, jigsaws, or fast-paced matching puzzles. These puzzles will keep your brain juices flowing and your pockets growing.

Checkout these top-notch real money puzzle games.

In Conclusion

No matter what kind of games you’re in to, you’ll be able to find a version that pays real cash prizes. Every real money game we offer has tournaments that pay per game, meaning that you can win cash in five minutes of gameplay or less.

Once you’ve built up some cash winnings, you can quickly and securely cash out through PayPal. But if you want to play without cash on the line, every game offers free practice rounds on the app so you can play stress free.

To get started, find your game, collect some winnings with cash tournaments, and get your real cash payment sent directly to your PayPal.