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Support a Charity While Playing Slots Online


Leading a busy life can make it difficult to do the things that matter. Juggling work, social life, and relaxation time can make it difficult to find time to volunteer and give back to the causes that are close to your heart. That is until now.

Your gaming can help you give back to communities in need. Now you can positively contribute to your cause while you relax and play some games.  The best part? You can win some cash when you play. Yes, you can win cash and give back with a gaming site. All you have to do is choose your favorite charitable cause and play slots with huge cash prizes.

Discover slots games online where you can win real cash and support charities.

Winning extra cash feels good, but it can feel even better when there’s enough to go around to your favorite charitable cause. You can support charities when you game with Golden Hearts Games. Don’t worry, you get to keep your cash money when you win a prize.

If you want your winnings to be as good for your soul as they are for your wallet, you’ve got to check out this awesome gaming site.

Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts Games is the desktop gaming site that helps users contribute to their favorite charity and win thousands of dollars in real cash. You can win $2,500 instantly when you play a Golden Hearts slot machine, and there are thousands of winners every single day. In fact, over $40,000 are won every day.

If you want to win with some of the most exciting slots available, you have to check out Golden Hearts. Want more than slots? No problem. Golden Hearts offers bingo, and video poker with the same cash prize pools. Get the most out of this gaming app.

How it Works

First, create your Golden Hearts Games Account. This is a super quick process, all you need is your name, email, and zip code. Once you’ve created your free account, it’s time to make a charitable donation.

In order to start playing and winning on Golden Hearts, you must make one charitable donation of any size to your favorite charity. Choose your charity from Golden Heart’s huge data base of causes. No matter how big or small your charity of choice may be, you’ll be able to link it to your account.

Your donation is tax deductible and 100 percent of your donation goes to your chosen charity, every time.

As soon as you make your one-time donation, you get access to every game on the site. Your winnings will be credited to your user account, where you can securely cash out. It’s as easy as sign up, donate, win! If will feel that much better to win when you’ve given back to a worthy cause.

Win Up To $2,500 Instantly Playing Slots Games

There are tons of games available on Golden Hearts where you can instantly win thousands of dollars in extra cash. Choose your favorite slot machine from the dazzling animations and colorful graphics available on the site. From Frantic Fish to Monster Moolah to Old School slots, every gamer is sure to find something they love.

There’s a slot game for everyone on this site. Want to win a jackpot instantly? These online slots are your best bet to do so.

Golden Hearts has so much more than slots, you can win huge cash prizes playing Bingo and video poker on the site.


Love Bingo? Golden Hearts Games offers you the ultimate win-win situation with their all-day bingo tournaments.

There’s a new live bingo game every ten minutes 24 hours a day every single day.  Win $10 to $250 every game. Games only take a few minutes to play, so you can shoot your shot for a cash prize more often.


Playing poker can help you give back.

Play Old School Jacks or Better and Scratch video poker for a chance to win $2,500 instantly. Games are quick, so go ahead and scratch that poker itch! You can feed your wallet and give to a good cause.