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Legit Real Money Games: Solitaire Clash


What is Solitaire Clash & How to Play

Solitaire Clash is a free solitaire game that offers tournaments with real cash prizes. Available on iOS and Samsung, this game is the perfect opportunity for gamers of all experience levels to take on a challenge and win some extra cash.

This game makes solo solitaire competitive. You and your competitors will have the exact same deck, and whoever earns the most points with their deck wins. Every time you make a move in the game you earn points, appropriately placing cards in your foundation stacks will earn you the most points. The objective of Solitaire Clash is to solve the puzzle as quickly and efficiently as possible to outscore your competitor.

Solitaire Clash ensures that every win is based on skill by matching you with a real-life competitor, every time. You will never play against a bot, so your win will never be up to an algorithm. Even better, you’ll be paired with competitors who match your skill level, so everyone has a fair shot at the cash prize.

In short, Solitaire Clash is classic solitaire with a timer and a point system. If you know how to play solitaire, you already have a leg up. If not, here’s a guide to the solitaire basics.

Solitaire Basics

The object of solitaire is to organize your deck by suit into foundation piles. Your foundation piles are located at the top left corner of your screen, these piles start from ace and move up to king.

To get cards to your foundation pile, move them from your tableau stacks. You can only move the top card of your tableau stacks. These stacks are organized in descending order (king to two) with cards from alternating suits. In simple terms, cards of the same color cannot be stacked in your tableau piles.  So, if you have a king of spades, you must stack a queen of hearts or a queen of diamonds on top of it. You will not be able to stack cards of the same color suit on top of one another.

If you cannot make any moves from your tableau pile, draw a card from the stack at the top right corner of your screen. You can only draw from the top card in your discard pile. When you’ve reached the end of your discard pile, you can rotate the same stack until the game is complete.

How to Download Solitaire Clash & Start Earning

You’re just a few taps away from your first win on Solitaire Clash. Here’s how to get started in just a few short minutes.

  • First, download the free Solitaire Clash app on your iOS or Samsung device.
  • Once your game is installed, create your unique username. This is what will show on your competitors screen.
  • Then play your first Solitaire Clash game, the app doesn’t need any additional information for you to enjoy live free play.
  • Practice before you play your first cash competition. Once you’re ready to play for cash confirm your location in the app.