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How to Play Competitive Solitaire Online


When you think of solitaire do you think about thrilling competition and speedy game play? If not, it’s time to change your point of view on solitaire. No longer is this a game a solo venture. Welcome to the world of competitive solitaire, where the game we’ve loved for generations has been transformed into something new and exciting.

If you’ve never played one of these mobile solitaire games, it’s time to start. Whether you’re a solitaire master or a card newbie, you’ll love this ultra-fast-paced card game.

Let’s discuss a favorite among real money gamers: Solitaire Cube. We’ll cover all the ways you can play this new age classic, and where to find more solitaire competition games.

What Is Solitaire Cube?

Solitaire Cube has taken Klondike Solitaire to the next level by offering players the opportunity to compete for real cash. Available on iOS and Samsung devices, this app pairs you with real life competitors who match your skill level in the game. You can play for cash by placing a wager or play for free by entering games with Z points.

This is a skill-based game that adds the element of speed. If you’re already familiar with Klondike Solitaire, you have a leg up on your competitors.

How to Play: Solo Play vs Competitive Play

Take the rules of Klondike Solitaire, add a timer and add a competitor: that’s Solitaire Cube.

Stack cards from king to ace while interchanging suits in your tableau piles. You can create your stack by pulling the top cards from your stockpile or the top cards on your tableau piles. Stack cards on the same suit from ace to king in your foundation piles. Your goal is to get every card into the foundation piles. While playing the game, it’s you against the cards and not every deck is possible to complete.

How do you make solitaire competitive? It’s simple. You and your partner each get the same deck, whoever gets the most points in the five-minute time limit wins. Each move in the game is worth a different number of points and ending your game before the five-minute timer is up will add extra points to your total. One you’re out of moves, stop the timer and get your point total.

I’m sure you’ re wondering, what’s the difference between competitive play and solo play? The only true difference between the competition styles is the prize the winner receives. The game itself does not change depending on your competition style. Yep, that’s right. Your game will not be interrupted by ads no matter what competition style you choose.

If you want to play Solitaire Cube for free, all you have to do is choose the practice game, which is labeled as “novice.” You’ll have to pay one Z point to enter into the practice game, and the winner will receive two Z points once the scores are counted.

If you want to flex your solitaire skills to earn some extra cash, start by depositing some money into your account. You can do that by clicking the shopping cart icon at the bottom of your screen. Once you’ve deposited some wager money, you can start playing for cash. Each cash competition match has an entry fee. You can find the entry fee at the below the play button of every game. Entry fees range from a few cents to a few dollars, and the reward amount can double or triple the wager.

You can play head-to-head competitions or bracket competitions. Generally, bracket competitions have a higher cash reward but take longer to complete.

More Solitaire Games

If you love innovative takes on Solitaire, there are so many more games in store for you. Here are some of our favorite solitaire apps that offer real money competition.

  • Solitaire Cash: A timed Klondike Solitaire with fun mini games available on iOS and Samsung
  • 21 Jack: Try this combination of Solitaire and 21 hold em available on iOS and Android.
  • Skip Solitaire: A take on classic Skip-Bo card game available on iOS.
  • 21 Blitz: Perfect for aspiring card counters, this game is a fusion on solitaire and blackjack available on iOS and Samsung.
  • Pocket 7 Games: This app has a little bit of everything, including mobile solitaire available on iOS and Samsung.